The Center for Strategic Litigation filed lawsuits for non-implementation of the Tobacco Law

The Center for Strategic Litigation sent lawsuits against the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Prime Minister due to non-implementation of Law no. 04 / L-156 on Tobacco Control which expressly states that smoking is prohibited in public places in Kosovo.

According to the Law on Tobacco Control, public places where smoking is prohibited include enclosed places such as service premises, “=regardless if there is a stationary or portable roof or celling, and which are surrounded by two or more sides, even if the material used and whether the structure is permanent or temporary.

Despite this, the Law on Tobacco Control is not implemented in Kosovo and this is a failure of public institutions to implement it, which endangers the health and lives of citizens and is a violation of their fundamental rights, especially of those citizens of who have asthma or other chronic diseases.

Failure to implement laws in Kosovo such as the Law on Tobacco Control does not create respect for public institutions, on the contrary creates deep mistrust and disregard for them, and undermines legal security in Kosovo.

Therefore, this lawsuit aims to fully implement the Law on Tobacco Control and to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens of Kosovo.

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