Dr. Arbëresha LoxhaExecutive Director

Executive Director & Senior Research Fellow
  • Executive Director
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Masters and a PhD in Economics, University of Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Arbëresha is among the first research fellows at GLPS, who has unequivocally contributed to GLPS’s growth and professionalism. At GLPS, Arbëresha served in many positions and primarily covered the research in economic, good governance and public administration areas. In addition, Arbëresha led dozens of research projects in Kosovo and abroad, and was an active member of economic research initiatives. She was a leading expert to take part in testimonies for numerous institutions and government bodies in Kosovo and international organization based in Kosovo, in which she shared her expertise on a range of social and economic issues. Over the last two years, Arbëresha was a professor covering management courses at both bachelor and master level of studies. Dr. Loxha rich background of academic research and publications are yet another confirmation of her standing as an expert, leader and powerful women. In this new position, Dr. Loxha aspires to lead GLPS further growth and impact, diversify its portfolio, expand its European network and help Kosovo democratize.

Our Core Values include justice prevalence, protection of public interest, integrity, respect for the law and the court, and prohibition of hate speech, among others.


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Rexhep Luci Street No. 16/1, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo

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