Ema PulaProject Coordination

Project Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Law at the University of Prishtina

Before she joined Group for Legal and Political Studies, she was engaged in a 1 year internship in USAID Kosovo, respectively in the program “Contract Law Enforcement”. In the meantime she was also engaged in volunteer activities which included increasing awareness of higher education for high school students coming from the minority groups and the other one about building bridges between youth and seniors coming from retirement home.

She has been working at GLPS since September 2018. Her work is focused primarily in project management and coordination where her main responsibilities include implementing and monitoring project activities. She is involved in the projects related to the legislative regulation of access to public documents, environmental policies through the importance of acquis standards and their adoption in Kosovo’s legislation, monitoring of public consultations. She is engaged in WeBER 2.0 as a project officer.

Our Core Values include justice prevalence, protection of public interest, integrity, respect for the law and the court, and prohibition of hate speech, among others.


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Rexhep Luci Street No. 16/1, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo

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