Marije Renate Luitjens-TolPeace and conflict studies, human rights, identity studies and political science

International Research Fellow
  • Peace and conflict studies H
  • Human rights
  • Identity studies P
  • Political science
  • PhD candidate at the Dublin City University, Ireland

Marije Luitjens is an international research fellow at GLPS. During her time at GLPS, Marije will conduct (policy) research that is among others rooted in peace and conflict studies, human rights, identity studies and political science. Next to conducting this research, she is a PhD candidate at the Dublin City University in Ireland. She has moved to Kosovo to conduct qualitative field research as part of her wider PhD research, which is rooted in the fields of peacebuilding and resilience.

Marije has been working within the field of peace studies, both as an academic and as an employee within the civil society sector. Regarding the latter, she has for example worked for the Kosovo program within the Dutch NGO Pax for Peace, and for an urban violence program of Save the Children Honduras in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her most recent policy research centered around the role of education in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in Lebanon, funded by the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law. Educated as an anthropologist at the Utrecht university in the Netherlands, she has field work experience in Honduras, Catalunya, Srebrenica, Kosovo and Lebanon.

Our Core Values include justice prevalence, protection of public interest, integrity, respect for the law and the court, and prohibition of hate speech, among others.


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Rexhep Luci Street No. 16/1, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo

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